“hatumoude”First visit to Kasama Inari Shrine

オフ 投稿者: ibarakikesiki

初詣”hatumoude” = First visit

In Japan, it is generally said that worshiping is the first visit from January 1st to 3rd, but there is also the idea that worshiping is also the first visit during January. There are also differences depending on the region.

Kasama Inari Shrine Gate
Kasama Inari Shrine Gate
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謹賀新年 = Happy new year

令和3年 = reiwa 3rd

Reiwa is an era When His Majesty the Emperor changes, it will change to a new name and start from 1.

The Japanese use both the Christian era.

元旦 = New Year’s Day

Kasama Inari Shrine worship hall
Kasama Inari Shrine worship hall

We pray in front of the shrine that the new year will be a good one.

This year is less for Cobit 19.

I went there on January 5th.

The 1st to 3rd of January seems to be crowded even though it is less than usual.