Japan’s Old Fire Lookout Tower

オフ 投稿者: ibarakikesiki
Japan's Old Fire Lookout Tower

It is rarely used anymore, but there are still some old Japanese fire lookout towers.

The height is not so high.

It will be the third floor at the highest.

These things existed in a small community, so they probably didn’t need that much.

Japan's Old Fire Lookout Tower

The lower hut was now used as a fire equipment storage area.

When the fire broke out, fire brigade members organized by the people who lived there were dispatched.

This is still going on.

There is also a fire engine, and the building and fire lookout tower have changed to a modern style.

Of course, there are also professional firefighters, so now it’s an auxiliary role.

In the old days, there was no fire station and the roads were not maintained, so I think that the fire brigade members organized in the area took the lead in firefighting activities.

It’s disappearing little by little, but you can still see it in some places in the countryside.