“Hatsumode “First visit to Atago Shrine at the beginning of the year

オフ 投稿者: ibarakikesiki

初詣 = Hatsumode

“Hatumode”:At the beginning of the year, go to the shrine and pray for happiness, health, and family safety. It usually goes between January 1st and 3rd. A long tradition in Japan.

“Hatumode” to Atago Shrine (Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture) (January 3, 2019)

It was around 3:00 pm, but there were many people who came to the shrine for the “Hatumode”.

愛宕神社 百カギ階段の鳥居(茨城県笠間市・旧岩間町)②
愛宕神社 百カギ階段の鳥居(茨城県笠間市・旧岩間町)②
愛宕神社 百カギ階段の鳥居(茨城県笠間市・旧岩間町)①
愛宕神社 百カギ階段の鳥居(茨城県笠間市・旧岩間町)①
愛宕神社 百カギ階段(茨城県笠間市・旧岩間町)
愛宕神社 百カギ(茨城県笠間市・旧岩間町)

It seems that there are about 300 stone steps.
Locally, it is called “Hyakukagi “.

Hyaku = 1hundred

I think that 100 steps are “Hyakukagi “, but there is a “Hyakukagi Hudo”. in the middle of the stairs, so it seems that it is called “Hyakukagi “.

Hudo = 不動

It seems that hudo cannot be translated into English well.

If you dare to say, “canda-maharosana”. Is probably close.

In the old days, this stone staircase”Hyakukagi ” could only be used by men and women were prohibited, and women were supposed to use the slightly gentle stone staircase next to it.

In ancient times, women were prohibited from climbing Mt. Atago.