The Sudo Honke (Kasama City) is said to be the oldest sake brewery in Japan, but …

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日本最古の酒蔵 須藤本家(笠間市)
Japan’s oldest sake brewery Sudo Honke (Kasama City)
日本最古の酒蔵 須藤本家(笠間市)
Japan’s oldest sake brewery Sudo Honke (Kasama City)

※Sake = 酒 Nihon-syu = 日本 – 酒

The official name is Nihon-syu, Japanese alcohol, and the main ingredients are rice, koji (malted rice), and water.

The oldest sake brewery in Japan is the Sudo Honke in Obara, Kasama City (formerly Obara, Tomobe Town)

Founded in 1141

A sake brewery that has been around for over 850 years

I was born and raised not far away, but I heard it for the first time a few years ago!

In Japan, if you search the Internet for “the oldest sake brewery, you will find many with the Sudo Honke.

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But the facts seem different! !!

That’s because I found this blog.

“The theory of sake creation
Sake Producer Shigeru Nakano’s Eyes “
(Written in Japanese)

A blog by Shigeru Nakano, a sake producer.

From that article, it is written that the representative of Sudo Honke said, “Please do not describe it as the oldest sake brewery in Japan.”

It seems that the oldest sake brewery in Japan is in Nara prefecture.

The Sudo Honke was founded in the Heian period (794-1185 / 1192) in 1141 (more than 850 years ago).

It seems that it cannot be identified as any sake brewery in Nara prefecture, but it seems that the sake brewery in Nara prefecture was brewing sake earlier when examining various descriptions.

I think it’s a great story just because it has been going on for more than 850 years since the Heian period.

Speaking of which, on TV, the soy sauce brewery said, “I don’t know how the bacteria on the walls and pillars of the tubs and buildings are present in each soy sauce brewery and how they act on the soy sauce to make it delicious.” I remember saying that, but I also feel a dream when Sudo Honke thinks that there is something that can only make such a flow of time.