I went to an old car meeting!

オフ 投稿者: ibarakikesiki

I saw the Omitama Old Car Meeting held at drive-in “So・ra・ra” (near Ibaraki Airport) on Sunday!

I’m not really familiar with cars …

Still, I enjoyed it enough.

A car of the same age as me

After all, old cars look cooler.

Will today’s cars look cool in 50 years?

スカイラインGT-R ハコスカ レーサー
Nissan Skyline GT-R
スカイラインGT-R ハコスカ
Nissan Skyline GT-R

The first Nissan Skyline GT-R was released in 1969.

At that time, it had high performance and was active in domestic touring car races.

Nissan Fairlady z 432
Nissan Fairlady z 432

Nissan Fairlady Z432: Released in October 1969

The Z432 is equipped with a 6-cylinder, 24-valve DOHC, 1989cc engine.

The maximum output was 160ps / 7000rpm and the maximum torque was 18.0kgm / 5600rpm (high octane specification).

“432” is named after “4 bal, 3 carburetor, 2 camshaft”

Mazda Cosmo Sports

Mazda Cosmo Sports

Cosmo Sports was released in May 19675.

2-seater coupe model.

The world’s first automobile equipped with a practical and mass-produced rotary engine

The tagline is “” It feels like flying rather than riding “”

The strongest combination of rotary engine in lightweight body.

The old car is smaller than the current car, but when you look at it, it looks even smaller or thinner.

いすゞ ベレット1600GT

Isuzu Bellett

Manufactured from 1963 to 1973

The first car in Japan with GT (Gran Turismo) in its name
With a lightweight body of less than 1000 kg, it is also active on the circuit.

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Toyota Sports 800 “Small Sports Car”
Manufactured from 1965 to 1969

Air-cooled horizontally opposed 2-cylinder OHV 790cc

Common name for “Yotahachi”


Toyota Corolla (4th generation)
Manufactured in 1979-1987

Active as a popular car

The name “Corolla” continues to this day since the first model was released in 1966.


Mitsubishi Minica (first generation)
The firstgeneration was manufactured in 1962-1969.

This old design is cute.
The name of the Minica ended on June 30, 2011 (49 years).