Slope in Baiko, Mito City

オフ 投稿者: ibarakikesiki

Baiko has several slopes.

Slope to Sennbatyo ー oohasi Slope going toward the station (get off at Miyamachi)
Slope down to the Baiko tunnel entrance intersection (west of the Baiko viaduct)
Slope down along the Baiko tunnel




The birthplace of Toko Fujita is at the beginning of the slope down to Senbatyo-oohashi.


* Toko Fujita (1806-1855)

Mito clan “samurai”, scholar at the end of the Edo period


Birthplace of the Land of Toko Fujita (Baiko, Mito City)


Mito City Baiko, the slope that goes out to the Baiko tunnel side


Koku Shrine (Baiko, Mito City)


Koku Shrine (Baiko, Mito City)

There is a “Koku Shrine” in the middle of this slope.


※虚空 神社 = Koku Shrine

虚空 may be similar to “void”, but there are some differences.

In Buddhist language, it seems to mean “a space as a place where everything exists without any hindrance.”

It seems that it is related to Matsuyama Kokuzo-do (Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture: a temple of the Shingon sect Toyoyama temple.), one of the three major Kokuzo-do in Japan. ..