Set meal shop Izumiya (3-chome, Izumicho, Mito City)

オフ 投稿者: ibarakikesiki

Set meal restaurant “Izumiya” in 3-chome, Izumi-cho, Mito-shi.

The feeling of the Showa period (December 25, 1926 to January 7, 1989) is wonderful.




いづみや(水戸市泉町) メニュー
いづみや(水戸市泉町) menu

The price is also Showa, “Ramen” 350 yen
“Miso ramen” 400 yen
“Half curry ramen” 450 yen
“Stir-fried vegetables set meal” 500 yen
“Gyoza set meal” 500 yen, etc.

日替わり「味噌らーめん&ミニヒレカツかつカレー」 いづみや(水戸市泉町)
日替わり「味噌らーめん&ミニヒレカツかつカレー」 いづみや(水戸市泉町)

This time I ate “Miso Ramen & Mini Fillet Katsu Curry with Dessert” 650 yen.

日替わりのデザート いづみや(水戸市泉町)
日替わりのデザート いづみや(水戸市泉町)

The taste was simple and delicious.

The customers were various, from office workers in suits to elderly people who were retired!